Testing & Inspection
There are two main risks associated with electricity, these are electric shock and fire! Over a period, electrical wiring and installations can deteriorate. This can lead to overheating which can then develop into a fire. Regular testing of electrical installations & appliance protects against and reduces the risk of injury to personnel and damages to property.

It is required by law for testing and inspection of electrical circuits and appliances to be carried out at regular intervals, and also forms part of any good maintenance schedule. F.B Ross & Co Ltd pride ourselves on using state of the art test equipment, hold up to date qualifications and provide a first class professional service.

Whilst your installation or appliances may appear to be in good condition, with no obvious faults, it is imperative to establish that all of your equipment and electrical installations are safe and comply with current regulations. F.B Ross & Co Ltd can provide you with a periodic inspection report, which is very detailed and gives you a comprehensive check of any electrical installation and appliances covering all areas including:

Earthing & Bonding
Insulation Resistance
Correct use of fuses
RCD'S - Circuit Breakers
Advice on remedial work

All electrical equipment suffers from wear and tear, even during normal use and should be tested on a regular basis to ensure and act as proof that it is safe to use.

25% of electrical accidents that get reported involve a portable appliance. The Electricity at Work Regulations place the onus on employers, employees and self employed persons legally, to take all possible practical steps to make sure no person is put in danger by using electrical installations or appliances.

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